Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Center Street Overpass

Here is the first post of my new blog.  I got the idea while I was in Colorado.  I found a book while at a friends cabin when old photographs where rephotographed.  I loved the idea and wanted to use the same concept with places around Utah.

I love Utah and think that it has a lot of cool unique places.  There is a ton of great history in the Beehive State and I love seeing how that history has developed into the present.  I hope that this blog does a little bit to help preserve some of the great historical places around Utah.

So here is the "Utah's Present History".  This is a picture of the Provo Center St bridge that goes over the railroad tracks from 1930.  It actually looks like quite a pretty little thing, with the decorative lights and cool trees surrounding it.  The picture was taken on the west side of the bridge looking towards the Wasatch front.

Photo courtesy of the Provo City Library

Above is the picture of the current site.  I have to say that they picture isn't entirely fair to this cool piece of Provo since there is lots of construction going on in this area.  And interestingly enough for my first piece, this is one part of Provo history that probably wont be along very much longer.  UDOT has decided to make a new interchange which, from what I can tell, will eventually lead to the demolition of this bridge (for plans, look here).  And even though I completely support the preservation of most historical things around town, I think this is one demolition that I back.  With the current bridge, Center St is a monster to get through, it is often backed up, and whenever I ride my bike over it I am almost positive I am going to get hit by a car.  The new plan appears to have more lanes and make traffic flow easier to the west side of town.

That's it for the first post.  I'll try to do a new one every couple of days and bring photos from interesting places from all around Utah.

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